Our aim is to connect a global community within the technology industry and provide a platform for knowledge sharing and networking. We set the benchmark for industries that use or operate around the use of technology and are here to support and help grow organisations within technologies affiliated sectors.

The A Tech Alliance promotes all aspects of technological work and the difference it’s making to our world, helping teams and individuals maximise the value they deliver to clients and organisations. We aim to represent all organisations from start-ups, to SME’s to large global brands and helps lead tech into the future.

The A Tech Alliance exists to raise standards in the technology industry, providing industry insight and data, facilitating the sharing of technology best practice, and campaigning for topics that need to be addressed within the industry. If you would like to discuss more on what we offer and the events we run, please contact us using the contact form below.

Upcoming Events

Mixer Event - FinTech Start Ups - 9th October

Join us, investors, business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, and more for an evening of networking, listening to new ideas, sharing business insight and a game of table football. Tickets are limited and selling out fast.

Digital and Social Awards

These Awards are being launched to recognise and celebrate the very best Digital and Social Marketing campaigns, the amazing talent in the industry and the leading organisations delivering these campaigns. Our expert Judges include industry experts and practitioners who will recognise and reward outstanding achievements in the Digital and Social industry by considering measurement and effectiveness of the campaigns. This is an Awards program purely based on effectiveness, measurement, results and impact.

London Digital Conference

The A Tech Alliance London digital conference brings together leaders to share thought leadership, insights, predictions, and more. The agenda will be packed with keynotes from a variety of backgrounds to discuss the current issues, opportunities, and predictions for the future within the digital space. Topic and discussion areas will include; digital disruption, customer experience delivered through digital platforms, digital strategy, digital brand recognition, automation, virtual reality, AI, and more.